Wednesday, December 9, 2015

One Month's Time

I have lost the plot, haven't said anything in awhile, in a weird place now...

A girl told me, one I thought I would marry, about The Doors... of opportunity, much like the doors of perception, I'm sure...

The Law of Rhythm... Another man told me, about life like a pendulum, push it one way and it's bound to come back. Everything is like the ocean, tides high and low.

Many doors open, often at the same time, leaving you to choose. The Girl said, she often sits back to ponder, which would be best? After waiting too long, she is left running through the last door as it closes. The best opportunities are often the fastest closing doors. May be...


"Looking for love perhaps? You did get broken-up-with today" Brian typed to his Laptop.

"...You push and pull and you tell yourself no..." Spotify replied.

Semantics I s'pose, she spoke the whole time, I seldom listened closely.

"How relevant!" I chuckled. Those little coincidences made him believe. 


Are you speaking in the first or the third person?

"Depends, talking to the ego or something beyond?"

Alright bro, don't be a dick, just post some pictures why don't ya?


"Always buy her flowers. She doesn't really like flowers, but she's always on a diet. Don't tempt her with Lady Godiva"


"It's like Mad Max... Go running, looking for paradise lost. Then you just go back, into the fire."
...Don't be a hero?


"It's like flying over a circuit board. As above, so below... Check this video out, if you please:


"Why the sunset? Why not dawn?" 
Snooze ya lose...
And don't show them all your cards! Be mysterious, speak volumes with the light, your gaze, your silence. You can hear plenty with your eyes!
"Yada yada, hear with your eyes, talk with your silence. Such a pompous motherfucker!"


"I haven't forgotten about you..."


"So what the hell are you doing in Israel anyways? You're in the UK now? Right..."

"I'll get to it, just wanted to say hi first..."

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