Thursday, October 1, 2015


We went out tonight, it was our one month anniversary. We bought cheap wine, and drank it through sunset and moonrise.

A local bar, dancing, drinking, aimless flirting...

We came home, and talked about life, got real low. Amazing life, lots of questions, a long test...

Multiple choice, short answer, document based question...

A young woman asked me, ""

Document I - Excerpt

I take it you are referring to the Ludovico Technique?

I don't know what it's called, Father, all I know is that it gets you out quickly and makes sure that you never get in again.

That's not proven, 655321. In fact, it is only in the experimental stage at this moment.

But it is being used, isn't it, Father?

It has not been used yet in this prison. The Governor has grave doubts about it and I have heard that there are very serious dangers involved.

I don't care about the danger, Father. I just want to be good. I want for the rest of my life to be one act of goodness.

The question is whether or not this technique really makes a man good. Goodness comes from within. Goodness is chosen. When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man.

I just want to be good...

I remember now... I said that you need to give what you have, to give love, compassion, kindness...

To become like God, the Kabbalists would say, the ultimate source of giving...

I mentioned giving to charity...

She responded, "But don't you get a selfish sense of satisfaction that you did that?"

I mentioned the animal spirit and the spirit of man... or perhaps I would have, had I not imbibed.

and I thought...

We are more than a clockwork orange

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