Friday, September 25, 2015


I reread my prior post, perhaps I have lost you with the rambling...

 For the purists - I am aware this is the incorrect usage of the aforementioned quotation 

... and the jumping around...

... but no one has said anything yet, zero comments, perhaps I am all alone here? 

Maybe you just want the usual jazz, let's give it the old college try...

YAWN... Here goes NOTHING!!!!

oday was Friday, the Fourth of September. I had only just arrived in the Holy Land a few nights prior, still a bit shaken from the jetlag. I hardly could sleep and awoke hour before dawn. I wandered, mentally and physically, my new dwelling. A mind relocated and with the body; a slow waltz through my near penthouse apartment. I spent the morning energy texting a girl with whom I had spent many a fortnight. We toyed with yet another of the countless flirtatious subjects, that filled the vast playroom of our little world. She soon went to bed as the sun spun round to my neck of the woods.

It was a new dawn, around 6. I could check the Farmer's Almanac for an exact moment; a thought reminding me of my past life. A kabbalist once told me I was a virgo, too concerned with minutiae, missing the forest through the trees. It reminded me of my past life, as an exchequer in New Amsterdam. 

It doesn't matter now...

I watched the sunrise in the East, the land of Nod, where Cain had settled. I thought of my brother in the West, as I listened to the timpanis of nature sizzle the moisture from the skillet.

Soon after I set out for the dunes overlooking the sea. I walked to the south, up and over, through and through, in search of the perfect spot. There were many a beautiful flower along the way I had yet to see. 

I looked out to the horizon, admiring the happy go lucky riding the waves into the sandy shores. I admired the effortless grace. When in Rome...

I turned round and headed north, to the shopkeep Lee Gal, to inquire of his wares. I sketched some more of the sights in my notebook.

A luxurious new inn, perhaps my compatriots could stay in one day...

A tower by the northern shore under renovation...

and finally I made it to his business.

I was greeted by a young man smoking a cigarette who proceeded to extinguish her and lead me inside. His philosophy was a bit, how do you say, below me, perhaps?

I headed south to my next shop, Las Olas, Zach had christened it. As I approached I saw him out front, cleaning an inventory item. We shook hands and I told him my story. 

"I have only done this once before." 

He nodded and pulled Excalibur from the racks, I handed over my purse and he prepared her, setting hilt and sheath. A blinding golden ray stuck the blade and sent me turning towards the door. 

A slender blonde walked in and I smiled at my dropped jaw I had noticed in the reflection of her aviators. A french woman, Zach's wife, and my new chaffeur. We chatted as we rode back to my humble abode. 

I told her I pondering meeting a french woman and one day living in Paris. She advised against it. I told her my Russian barber told me to stay away from the Israeli women. She chuckled.

I reached the 9th floor and entered, meeting my new found mates, who were ready for something. It was only noon.

To be continued...

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