Thursday, September 3, 2015

Looking Back to the Motherland

I'm currently sitting on my terrace now, living the dream, check out the view!

Journal Entry written on plane to Moscow, Sunday afternoon:

"The journey has begun - Transaero UN2222. I thought I had secured the greatest seat in the house, hyperbole yes, ended up next to my original seat and a young family with two babies. All is well though. The nice man said he admired people like me, who could sleep at a time like this.  I said I admired him back. The father of a beautiful young family, with a little daughter who looked like Mom & a little boy, drinking what looked like my favorite childhood medicine out of a syringe. Rhinotan, I think they called it, those clever drug marketers, I still recall. The pink, not sure what to call it, bubblegum cotton candy, so savory, like a gravy for kids. The older woman next to me, who I assume will be staying in Russia; we cannot communicate, only via charades. I am booting up the Sims 2, maybe I can study their movements, they are so very expressive, with only nonsensical blabber and their bodies. When I first bought the game, I actually thought they were speaking French or something, and called the company to ask how to switch it to English. But I digress, chuckling to myself. 

I haven’t eaten yet today. Started off with the usual 2+ hour snooze, rising off my floor around 8am, with a start; I hadn’t finished packing yet. I suppose I work better under pressure? Or at least I prefer a pressure packed grande finale. Perhaps it is a meditative process; with seldom time to ponder my usual hangups, such as the clarity of my skin or how my body looks in the mirror, or how I could perhaps reposition the lights… But I digress…

My father’s girl friend prepared a pot of coffee! Which I quickly drank 2 cups, interspersed with breaks, unintended. I misplaced the mug around the house 10 times whilst I scrambled to pack the final items and/or unpack the final items. Several items that dripped in nostalgia were left behind. 

Two items particularly come to mind. One, known colloquially as, “The Japants", a pair of cheeky jeans that found me in Harajuku, Japan. Hence the name, pronounced colloquially, Ja-Pan-Tsu. They feature some key items, a small rip on the front pocket, exposing the red “blood” pocket fabric, which was even, allegedly, featured in a “You can’t wear this in the office on casual Friday” company wide email nod. Finally, on butt cheek left, there was a partially obscured patch, “New Mexico” “The Land of Enchantment.” Perhaps I’ll have to see for myself. 

Item number 2, the t-shirt that inspired the name of my blog. I thought it should be more rare, I thought it should be back in my den, for safe keeping, maybe.

So back to eating, I had the coffee’s; perhaps cup 3 & 4, iced in the car ride to JFK. I was feeling super charged; felt I had to get in hours of lost conversation with my father. Wish I could have mentioned what the I Ching had said the previous night about my trip. 

Which brings me back to the young father who sits beside me, watching a movie on his laptop, child 2 suspended in a basinet across from him. I had said I had admired him, what exactly though? Superficially, he had great skin, very young, and his wife as well, a fine women herself. Perhaps I admire the Platonic form, for me, he symbolized a trope maybe, a station high on a mountain side. A man who has brought more love and beauty to the world. A man who feels secure enough to bring new life, new creation to our plane/plain of existence. Just speculation, but perhaps it is just the bravery to commit to his journey. 

The tall blond Russian attendant just passed. My coffee senses are tingling. My precious…

I opened my computer to play the Sims 2, which my sister told me was available in all is expanded glory in the app store. How could I resist? A sucker for nostalgia and existential crisis! So I sat in my bedroom, turned study, the night before last, and created my dream life; organized my new home, with the thought in the back of my head. “Can’t believe you are organizing a virtual version of your room! You are currently in an actually messy room and you are leaving in 36 hours!” So I multitasked, gave my simulated self the basic necessities, and left him to his own devices.

I really want some coffee, want to warm up a bit. These NASA space air nozzles are on full tilt, and a bit too high for me to gracefully adjust. Is it just me or have you been more often cold than hot this summer? I often find myself freezing in a air conditioner infreezo; the cold version of inferno? Doubt it.

Let’s go see what my virtual me is doing…


Rapture - Shortly after I closed the doc the blond appeared with my coffee, absolutely delicious, with free refill! I ordered the fish, and proceeded to ponder the movie Airplane! in which that was the wrong choice. Here goes nothing/food poisoning! It even had a little quinoa salad, how hip of them. I continue to play with my compatriot to my right. So far we have commuted on several occasions; assisting the opening of shrink wrapped bread and the seat buckle. She asked me about my Sim, although I am not sure what. I replied, “It’s me!” 

My Sim house is currently in renovation, I initially went for a very spartan simple life. Although now after a few days, we have expanded the kitchen, built a second floor with sundeck and outdoor shower, changed some rugs, repainted some walls, and picked some posh living room furniture. Unfortunately battery is running out of steam. Until next time, in Moscow. Signing off!"

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