Thursday, August 27, 2015

Countdown to Moscow

FLASHBACK - In about 4 days time, I will be drinking a coffee in Moscow. I wonder if they have changed the rules since last time I was there...

"Please don't let bongs (water pipe, excuse me) smoke you while the plane is taxi-ing to the gate."

Besides that, nothing to memorable about Moscow, besides KOBE!

Back to the Motherland, one of my alleged ancestors was from there and left when the Russians fought the Japanese back in the day. He peace'd the army and went to Liverpool, worked as a shoemaker, and then headed to the Bronx. As long as he had no part in the creation of Crocs...

1200 Hours, T-minus 4h to Launch

I first would like to apologize to those who love crocs, crocodiles, alligators, and all reptilian americans, including Hillary Clinton, and anyone else I may have offended with my previous remarks. And I apologize to Willy C. for taking a cheap shot at the misses, I'm sure she's quite lov... I digress

At the airport now, managed to get everything into one epic backpack! A moment of silence for my lost jeans, cheeky pants, the more modest speedo, nostalgia soaked t-shirts, and those who didn't make the final cut... you know who you are! 

Stay tuned for pictures and video blogging action! And send comments, missions, requests, contacts, whatever! Catch you in Moscow!

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