Sunday, August 16, 2015

My New Apartment...

This morning I have received an email about where I will be living, I haven't checked it yet.. Off to Google Maps! My pile of bathing suits are tingling with anticipating...

"Please head straight to the apartment between: 89 Har Metsada St..."


BEACH!!!! I just want to thank everyone for making this possible, my parents for conceiving me, allegedly on a caribbean waterfall, information courtesy of tipsy mother. My brother and sister, My dogs Sonny and Cher, a fine watchdog and loving throw pillow (I don't throw her... Are they called that because you have to throw them out of the way before getting to business... Hmm) I want to thank my friends and family. My college professors and advisors for leading down the path of madness so that I would final lose it and move to the beach. I am forever indebted to you, kind of like the way rich people use it, thank goodness I don't owe you any money, go state schools*! *meh And I want to thank all you reading this! I love you all! *Music playing reaches first chorus, think I should stop* 

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