Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rap Show Footage: Coming Soon

Last night was the final show of the What Has Happened Tour 2015. I wanted to thank everyone for coming out, Rx Kings for getting everyone going, AVN, Rosigno, Migs, Barnyard... And Skemata for laying down some old school style justice. It was a damn good time!

Surprise! Surprise! - my rap group who started back at Binghamton, will be releasing footage of the show soon, maybe even a documentary. Stay tuned for the footage, I cant wait to see it myself!

But to maybe hold you over, my close personal friend Fish and I did a little spoken word talk show jam interpretive dance session at an open mic on Tuesday as part of our PR tour for the show. Here's my spoken word rant, written mostly on my phone while walking to and from Penn Station.

Spoken Word of the Phone - Summer 2015 

Can you nationalize love and compassion?

Therapy they rape me
Get dressed just to take it off
Retail therapy, back to the animal ways
Kings-Dominion, don't care your opinions
Whip whip secretary it, ain’t no boss tonight
Detail therapy, back to reality

Hard to be here now when you're chasing ever after
Hard to adhere (settle down) when chasing disaster

You think you’re staring down the barrel of paradise
One more lift and we roll the dice
Ice ice baby, cold as justice
Systematic add vice, stripping chords progressions away
Confessions half off today

Join the loyalty program, but I can’t remember I need more ram, another gram, but I’m no pro, guess that’s just the amateur I am

My values, look up to the flag,
red, white and blue

Unweave the light, it’s all rainbows and darkness,
we flying through a blender of kaleidoscopes and dynamite
Boom goes the
Wearing that brand no wonder who or whom owns ya
Doom and gloom owns ya

Spinning it back, right round, fight rounds, 12
and when the clock strikes zero
What’s all this talk about not try a new a hero
Don’t be a hero, hero
Why not a shero
Why not a we-row

Rowing on the surface of the deep

In and out, forward and back, yin and yang, suns and black holes
hard to reinvent the wheels in the sky

First stop them turning
Turn back time and meditate on butter churning

Home school learning
The new youth yearning
The new sons rising
Shine on, rhyme on, climb on
The city on a hill, flowers reaching off window sills

Time for the sequel, this is your world 2
This is our world too
And I wanted to build it just for you


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  2. HMMMMmmmmmmm!!!! Interesting point. And why God would want me to see it now!?! Is it a sign?