Monday, August 24, 2015


Why do our dreams need to be so illusive? What is stopping us from living them, too ambitious, too grand, too many responsibilities?

Back to the Matrix, "You're living a dreamworld Neo."

Or from a lyric, from the lead singer of The Killers:

"Punch the clock, baby on the nightstand
You close your eyes, waiting for the Sandman
Spend your life, bracing for the crash land
You forget, baby it's a dreamland..."

It had it's Desired Effect, on May 15, as I pondered my dreams.

If you are a literal interpretation style being, as I know many of you are, you can even control your literal dreams... Give it a go! He's one of my favorite beings spreading the love on YouTube, check him out. He inspired me to start becoming my greatest version of myself. Shout out to the man himself! Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

I have a dream, that one day I will see your beautiful glowing youthful face... But more than just seeing, a sense we seldom acknowledge, the 6th maybe, but not at M. Night, at dawn, flowering into greatness. The loving vibe from your heart.


As for my dream of the day, inspired by a movie my sister is watching in which a woman who works in a cubicle starts a cooking blog, and she one day moves to Paris and meets her hero...

Maybe one day I'll live in Paris, quite a beautiful place. Hey Kanye, where do they have the best croissants? I'm not in a hurry though, BE HERE NOW!

Another one of my dreams/missions is to be vegan, and I was thinking about those croissants... might be hard, but I saw this article earlier, just a thought... Beefing up WITHOUT meat!

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