Saturday, September 5, 2015

Flashback Tue 2sday

Walk out of the hostel, leave my FB name with Kazaa, to give to my fellow Kanye person. Two transfers, 1 iced coffee and stroll later I walk into my new place.

A white picket fence, Hibiscus flowers and an artsy half buried vase! Thought flowers like these were just a myth, but they are everywhere; even these yellow and white ones I've only seen rendered in foam.

I get to my room, the "bomb shelter" room, every place has at least one designated room, I suppose. The door is all gnarly with a twisty handle that sends metal spikes out in all different directions to seal it shut! Got to keep that air conditioning in at all costs!

A view from the bedroom window; the dunes, the Mediterranean, and the future home of professional surfer, your humble narrator. We'll see how much rocket power I have left in the tank.

View from the terrace, not too shabby. I'm kind of afraid to go to sleep and wake back up in my NYC apartment. Decent view, but not the same. 

After unpacking our leader took us around town and I tried to remember everybody's stories. We got some groceries; I pondered the selections of coffee for a while; the selection of hummus and hummusesque items were innumerable. 

The air conditioner was on the fritz...

Zing! Cheap shot, couldn't resist...

Don't think there was anything else said all night, looks like no comforter wasn't an issue after all; but a pillow would have been nice, but its all good, or sababa, as the Israeli's might say.

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